Pool Maintenance

Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance

Testing and Cleaning

•Maintain Contact With Manager, Complete Duties •Assigned And Respond Promptly To Requests
•Thoroughly clean and vacuum the pool.
•Add water to the desired height 2x a day AM and PM
•Test water balance, pH, Calcium Hardness and •Total Alkalinity levels. 2x per day AM and PM. Add chemicals as needed.
•Inspect electrical service, filters, skimmers, drains, ladders, diving boards, plugs, gauges, and other important components of the system
•Inspect tile and grout installations, and clean tiles and skimmer with cleanser
•Clean and inspect pool deck as needed. Clean the pool deck with auto scrubber 1x per week.
•Backwash filters
•Empty skimmer and pump basket. Inspect every day and empty as needed
•Brush the sides and bottom of pool
•Keep the pump room and chemical room clean and organized.
We can perform deep cleaning and special cleaning projects of your fitness facility